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You learn how to interpret recipes, handle cooking equipment, understand technical terms and produce delicious food in these demonstration classes. You will learn how to entertain at home more confidently and efficiently without a lot of hard work and stress. These recipes are easy to follow and promote pre-planned work. They leave just a little for last minute preparation and makes your occasion a celebration of togetherness and enjoyment with a variety of fabulous dishes.

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By far, this is our most popular course full of mouth-watering desserts.

By far, this is our most popular course full of mouth-watering desserts. The Bread and Butter Pudding with finger licking caramel sauce and the hot Cookie Dough when served with ice cream just melts in the mouth. Easy to make! Easy to Manage! and Easy to Serve! This course also features the Texas Cheese Burger along with all time favorite Onion Rings. Starters are extremely popular with the younger crowd like the Buffalo Wings, Mozzarella Cheese Sticks and crispy Chicken Strips with three unique tangy dips. The sizzling Peri Peri Bites and Chicken Poutine are also all time favorites. It includes unusual but necessary dishes like the Chowder Soup and Garlic Chili Prawns that leave everyone longing for more. Wonderful melt in the mouth Buffalo bites – crisp from the outside and deliciously juicy from inside.

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Healty Lifestyle

Join Mrs. Samira Shahzad’s Healthy Lifestyle Course and eat right, feel Healthier and have tons of Energy! A satisfaction in food that leaves you full and even LOOSE WEIGTH IF YOU WANT TO……….! This course has been thoroughly researched before coming into formulation and includes every day as well as the gourmet and Fascinating menu. Calorie counted meals designed to lose weight when eaten in fixed quantities. Meals range from 125 to 250 and 300 calories. Eat food in its natural form the way God intended! Without Processing! Without Preservatives! Without Additives! Without Chemicals!

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Soon we are integrating online payment gateway for our users

Soon we are integrating online payment gateway for our usersSoon we are integrating online payment gateway for our usersSoon we are integrating online payment gateway for our usersSoon we are integrating online payment gateway for our usersSoon we are integrating online payment gateway for our users

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World cuisines made simple by Burr Ridge cooking instructor

Samira Shahzad says she has the art of cooking down to a science. The Burr Ridge resident spends part of the year in her native Pakistan, where she’s taught the cuisines of five continents — from continental to Chinese to fine dining — for 26 years, following her own studies with noted chefs. She designed her suburban home to include an elegant, custom-built cooking studio exclusively for group classes and gatherings for women. To introduce her demonstration courses, the first class is free. What’s your teaching approach? My aim for my students is that their amount of time in the kitchen is the least possible, while the results are ultra professional. And I believe I’ve achieved that. You can make wonderful food without any stress, and enjoy the process. It brings families together. And my recipes are foolproof. (You get the) same results every time. Where do you start? The most important thing I teach students is how to organize their kitchen. How to use the freshest and most natural ingredients, and how to organize them so that it doesn’t take time. Time is something that nobody has enough of. Once they’re organized, it hardly takes any time at all to make things of gourmet quality. One of your time-saving tips is freezing some of the key ingredients? Take fresh ginger, peel it, and in the food processor coarsely chop it. Put small bags in the freezer. (To use it,) smash it a little. (The labor) is done for the next three months. I get the freshest ingredients without the hassle of making it again and again. That’s what I do with green chilies, garlic, lemon juice, homemade chicken broth. I get the most important ingredients without any preservatives or chemicals. You have them at your fingertips. Another tip? All the ingredients I use, like the spices, I don’t use (finely) ground, but a little coarse. And don’t over crush the garlic or ginger or green chilies. That gives you more flavor, and keeps it from becoming overpowering. You teach a variety of ethnic cuisines including Thai and Chinese, and share related information. The food is a kind of fusion. I teach history, geography, time management; what you can prepare 36 hours in advance; what you can freeze, and what you can’t. You actually guarantee your teaching. I’ve perfected it to a point where I give guaranteed results for anybody, anywhere in the world. They can attend the same class again for free if they’re not able to make anything. Nobody has ever taken me up on the offer in 26 years. You also teach a range of calorie-burning recipes, fitness-oriented menus and fruit smoothies. There’s tons of food you can do within 200 calories. I’m a health junkie. (Note: In addition to also being an interior designer, she creates diverse designs for the production of handmade furniture, decorative elements and rugs she plans to offer online. Check out the photos of furnishings posted with this story.) FIND HER CLASSES WHAT Samira Shahzad teaches an array of international cooking classes in Burr Ridge

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