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Whenever I do a formal dinner I prefer to keep Dishes from Chinese,Special Chinese and Thai Cuisine.But I always feel that people are still hungry afterwards.I think the best combination with these dishes are the ones whose base is the white sauce.Like Lasagne,Chicken Florentine,Fettuccini Alfredo. Just to give a little well rounded menu I decided to add a starter and a salad to this Class. Jalapeno Cheese Balls and Tropical Fruit Salad.Both are unique and unusual on their own.The Lasagna Class is one of my favorites as it has a very complete menu in One Day only.

Course Duration

The class is designed for two and a half hours from 4:00PM to 6:00PM. By Clicking here Directly You Can Apply Now

Course Fee & Schedule

  • Courses Day 2

    • All Prices are exclusive of Tax

    • Course Fee USA3500 PKR
    • Course Fee USA 50 USD $
  • Courses Day 1

    • Jalapeno Cheese Balls
    • Tropical Fruit Salad
    • Chicken Florentine
    • Fettuccini Alfredo
    • Lasagne