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Our Baking Course runs toward the Conventional side with most favorite items which are commonly appreciated by everyone in the family. This course is easily absorbed by a beginner who has never used the oven as it involves no technical baking. With a variety of flavors running from chocolate to coffee and to a number of fruit sensations, it includes 7 desserts which are formal as well as casual depending on their presentation. These are quick and easy recipes which have a secret ingredient called ‘patience’ providing ultra professional results.

Course Duration

This Course is designed for 4 working days. Sundays are off. By Clicking here Directly You can register.Apply Now

Timings are from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.

Course Fee

  • Courses Day 1

    • Pineapple Cake
    • Black Forest Pastries
    • Toblerone Pastries
  • Courses Day 2

    • Chilled Lemon Flan
    • Walnut Toffee Crunch
    • Toffee Topped Peaches
    • Berries Delight
  • Courses Day 3

    • Chocolate Soufflé
    • Nutella Mousse
    • Chocolate Fantasy
    • Caramel & White Chocolate  Brownies
  • Courses Day 4

    • Pizza
    • Walnut Tart
    • Apple Pie

Course Schedule

  • fee_course

    • All Prices are exclusive of Tax

    • Course Fee USA 6500 PKR
    • Course Fee USA 200 USD $
  • Courses Day 2

    • All Prices are exclusive of Tax

    • Course Fee USA 2500 PKR
    • Course Fee USA 50 USD $