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By far, this is our most popular course full of mouth-watering desserts. The Bread and Butter Pudding with finger licking caramel sauce and the hot Cookie Dough when served with ice cream just melts in the mouth. Easy to make! Easy to Manage! and Easy to Serve!

This course also features the Texas Cheese Burger along with all time favorite Onion Rings. Starters are extremely popular with the younger crowd like the Buffalo Wings, Mozzarella Cheese Sticks and crispy Chicken Strips with three unique tangy dips. The sizzling Peri Peri Bites and Chicken Poutine are also all time favorites. It includes unusual but necessary dishes like the Chowder Soup and Garlic Chili Prawns that leave everyone longing for more. Wonderful melt in the mouth Buffalo bites – crisp from the outside and deliciously juicy from inside.

The beauty of this course is that its menu is equally popular amongst teenagers, students, parents and elders alike. This course bridges the generation gap and appeals to people of all age groups bringing them together. Recently introduced, it has produced fabulous results and highly successful feedback.

A well structured course which offers a variety of dishes to delight everyone’s taste. Dishes from various cuisines which are extremely easy to prepare come with a guarantee to impress all your guests and family.

Course Duration

This Course is designed for 4 working days. Sundays are off. By Clicking here Directly You can register.Apply Now

Timings are from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.

Course Fee

  • fee_course

    • All Prices are exclusive of Tax

    • Course Fee USA6500 PKR
    • Course Fee USA 200 USD $
  • Courses Day 2

    • All Prices are exclusive of Tax

    • Course Fee USA2500 PKR
    • Course Fee USA 50 USD $

Course Schedule

  • Courses Day 1

    • Bread Pudding
    • Texas Cheese Burger
    • Onion Rings
  • Courses Day 2

    • Steak with Jalapeno Sauce
    • Chicken Strips
    • Potato Skins
    • 3 Sauces
    • Buffalo Wings
  • Courses Day 3

    • Polo Chicken
    • Chowder Soup
    • Barbecue Wings
  • Courses Day 4

    • Buffalo Bites
    • Cookie Dough Dessert
    • Honey Walnut Prawns