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Fine Dining

This course specializes exclusively in top quality, easy to follow gourmet food, perfect for elegant fine dining dinner parties. We use a variety of techniques and creativity to prepare, cook & finish dishes to a high restaurant standard, using local, seasonal and accessible produce giving the freshest of flavors with professional presentation.

Some of the dishes like Moroccan Chicken, Steak Bearnaise and Chicken Terragon and Chicken with Jalapeno Pepper are served with a number of side dishes like fried crispy vegetables and mashed potatoes.

This course also has the popular Chocolate Molten Cake. These decadent little cakes with their oozing molten chocolate are easy to make and very delicious to eat.

Course Duration

This Course is designed for 4 working days. Sundays are off. By Clicking here Directly You can register.Apply Now

Timings are from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.

Course Fee

  • fee_course

    • All Prices are exclusive of Tax

    • Course Fee USA6500 PKR
    • Course Fee USA 200 USD $
  • Courses Day 2

    • All Prices are exclusive of Tax

    • Course Fee USA2500 PKR
    • Course Fee USA 50 USD $

Course Schedule

  • Courses Day 1

    • Chicken Jalapeno Pepper
    • Ethiopian Chicken
    • Chicken With Asparagus
  • Courses Day 2

    • Fresh Garden Salad
    • Ceasers Salad
    • Steak Bearnaise
    • Whole Wheat Chicken Sandwich
  • Courses Day 3

    • Molten Cake
    • Spicy Fettuccini
    • Tuna Turkish Sandwich
  • Courses Day 4

    • Chicken Terragon
    • Moroccan Chicken
    • Waldorf Salad